On the wall

I have been a little behind on playing along with memes lately, I seem to start them but then get easily distracted and the excitement wears off

Perhaps I am afraid of commitment, pressure, deadlines.
I seem to do that alot in real life aswell.

This is the wall in our family room, it’s still a work in progress.

It’s filled with all the things I love, creations by my little ones.
The first time they wrote their names, family portraits, birthday surprises and some pics of Amelie from a gorgeous mad stitches photo shoot by the awesomely magical Julieanne Perara.

What’s on your wall, go on, we’d love to see.
Pop round to the ever so cool chic and check out more wall loving.
Are you a meme follower or do you crumble at the mention of them?

Happy Wednesday all ♥