Party snippets

birthday cake decorated with a few fun things that Aidan likes
party favour cookies

marble cake pops


chocolate cake with blueberry swiss meringue butter cream
lolly free party bags*


 gingerbread cake toppers covered in fondant

Thank you all for your sweet, sweet birthday wishes for the little guy, sorry I haven’t replied back to you personally, he and I send you big squishy hugs and a big piece of cake…mwaaaaaaah, you girls are awesome ♥


What are your Sunday snippets? 

*edited to add suggestions for lolly free bags, normally I add things like textas, if you have a label maker make a name label for each child and stick it on a grey led pencil, stickers, exercise book, little baked gingerbread freckle cookies in a bag, cookie on a stick, magnets, little pegs, in summer normally juice in a box (that’s a treat for my kids) anything really apart from lollies. 
I prefer a creative bag with baked cookies as opposed to a sugar high bag that will drive the parents nuts.

p.s for those who have let me know about the commenting issues, thank you! 

I have changed to commenting box so could you please try again and let me know….♥