Seven things

Sometimes I get an award here or there and even though I am more than grateful to be considered for one, I find them a little awkward to accept and post about because even though this blog is about me, well I find it a little hard to talk about me or post about awards.
I liked this award from the lovely, lovely Alicia over at The Red Deer, not because I am stylish but because I wanted to share a few things about myself with you :
Seven things
1. In real life, I seem quite confident but I am quite self-conscious and secretly a little shy too
2. I only speak English with my family but I can speak greek as well
3. Most of you might already know this from my about me page, but I don’t eat any of my baked goods as I am an oddly fussy vegetarian
4. I LOVE op shops and do not like buying things for my family brand new unless I have too (I must edit to add, handmade creations are definitely acceptable)
5. I have a slight obsession with collecting pretty tea cups and saucers but I love drinking my tea out of huge mugs
6. We moved to Cyprus with my parents when I finished high school and lived there for 5 years, I worked at a travel agency whilst there
7. Even though I love having a garden I am not really into gardening


Phew, that’s a few little bits about me, I hope that you can share a few things about you because everyone deserves an award.
If you do post seven things about you please pop back and let me know so I can get to know you a bit better too.

Thanks Alicia for the award, you definitely are pretty stylish in the kitchen