Sometimes I feel down, I think about lots of things, I question things, I question why some people do certain things, I wonder why some things are the way they are and then I stop.


Sometimes I need to be reminded of what makes me smile, what makes my heart skip a beat, what makes me shed a tear of joy, what makes every day worthwhile.
Sometimes I need to remember a few of the moments that make me love life

this guy is my everything, my partner in life, father of my little beings, my support, my heart, my family, the love of my life, the calm in my life and many a time my personal navigation system

drinking yummy tea makes me feel warm and nurtured from the inside

baking yummy bread for my family, here’s the recipe



 watching my little girl try and style her own hair


receiving beautiful flowers on sad days


What do you do when you feel down?

How do you, as Amelie says, “turn that frown upside down”?Have you had one of those moments today?

Hugs for a wonderful September ♥

* t shirt design by me and screen printed at the Olive Grove Studio screen printing class, just in time for father’s day