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It’s Tuesday and I can’t wait……..

For Spring Open Day at the Royal Botanic Gardens in Melbourne this Sunday 4th of October 10am-6pm.
Lots of activities for the kiddies as well as grown ups, live music and a selection of market stalls.

We will be there, not sure if I will be behind the market stall all day or doing kids activities, may have to take it in turns with Mr m.e…so much fun.

Also checkout the gorgeous bloggy gift I was soo lucky to win from the fabulously talented The Princess & the Monkey ,pop on by for some gorgeous crafty goodness as well as an amazing collection of tutorials I could even follow.
They are craft as you go needle/embroidery holders but I actually think they would make my key ring a little bit happier with them on :). Thank you so much L ♥

Hope you are having a good day, it is ABSOLUTELY beautiful in Melbourne today.

Checkout here to see who else is playing along.

It’s Tuesday and I can’t wait…………

random pic @ royal melbourne show

…to pull a winner out of the hat, but you’ll have to wait till tomorrow…sorry.
I cannot believe it, but I left my camera at a friend’s place yesterday and she spent the night without me! I can’t even understand how I could ever forget my 3rd child like that.

So, until she’s back I am pictureless and can’t possibly function without her.
does that happen to you with anything? or just me and my obsessiveness over my camera..

until then, check out here to see who else can’t wait for Tuesday.

It’s Tuesday and I can’t wait…..

To show you my pressie that my ever so sweet partner gave to me.
It’s Maggie Beer’s Harvest which is a beautifully stitched and beautifully printed Cookbook and the recipes and photos are just stunning.
Maggie Beer is one of Australia’s Modern food icons and she always cooks from the heart. She is lovely to watch on The Cook & The Chef, she is extremely passionate about food and it’s origins and makes traditional Australian food which we at home can make.
Looking forward to trying out some recipes.
I wonder who else can’t wait for Tuesday.