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My Creative Space…

Creating some new friends to play with whilst big sister is at kinder
admiring lovely gifts from new friends in lands far away and remembering paper and pen…oohh, such a beautiful thing to see in the mailbox
and loving fairytale pressies delivered by sweet Dorothy herself, red shoes and all!
You must be doing something more creative at your place, if not, pop by here, there’s some nice stitching going on.

Don’t forget to say hi here

Have a happy day

My Creative Space…

My Creative Space today is to hopefully finish part 2 of my Melbourne Epicure bunting which I showed you the beginnings of here.
The letters are painted on with fabric paint and I used a couple of pairs of Mr M.E’s ripped jeans.

Thanks for all the words of encouragement last time as this is my first EVER sewing project and I am quite enjoying it.

Now back to figure out why the sewing machine thread isn’t sewing all the way through in parts…hmmm, where’s that manual..

Have a look round here for Kirsty’s end of 2009 Creative Space and for some other fabulous ones aswell.

My Creative Space…

Oh my, my creative space involves thread! just maybe, that pincushion has inspired me 🙂
Can’t say that I will manage this at all, but it will be attempted and you may even get to see me do something with fabric after all.

Stay tuned.

Hey, why don’t you have a peek over at Kirsty’s for some more creative spaces.

Psssstt, don’t forget, Northside Makers Market on this Saturday where you’ll get to see some real creativity!