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Comfort food – Cardamon and Cinnamon Infused Rice Pudding

Whenever I smell cinnamon it reminds me of the rice pudding mum used to make for us when we were little.

It was one of those things that took no time to make and yet filled our tummies with so much sweetness and comfort.

As winter approaches and the mornings and nights get chillier I am transported back to the sweet smelling rice pudding bubbling away on the stovetop.  Sweet, warm and creamy with a sprinkling of extra cinnamon on top.

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Muesli bars


The New Year has well and truly begun and I am welcoming 2014 with open arms and hoping that this year brings back the inspiration needed to come back here and stay for a while.

During my break from here, I became comfortable in the instagram community because I love the daily pics, the creativity, the beautiful inspiring community and of course the conversations.  I love that you can post
a pic and get people talking. I love that I don’t have to post a pic but I can still pop in whenever I want to and have a conversation with someone.  I love that I don’t feel like I HAVE to, but that I WANT to.  I love the support.  I love that sometimes we all share the same problems.  I love that we can help each other with our queries.  I love that there will always be someone awake at some strange hour to click a “heart” on your photo.
But you know what, I miss it here, I have been missing it for a while.  Truth is, once you are gone for some time it’s so much harder to get back.
A friend recently told me that she returned to blogging because “…I want to say more!” and it’s true, sometimes you just need to say a bit more.
So Cath, this post, and recipe are especially for you.

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