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I am not a complainer, I do get annoyed at certain things but mostly I am happy to be around to enjoy the little things, things that make me smile, things that I am grateful to have, people I am grateful to be around.
I haven’t always been like this, maybe it’s being around young, innocent, playful minds that inspires me to look at life with a smile.
Here’s a few of my grateful moments, 
I must, MUST start with tea


 happy drawings of me



 a specially made pic for his sister



  additions to the bed family






op shop magazines






 wonderful smiles
Hope you have a happy, smiley, sunshiney day full of grateful moments of your own.

Hugs ♥

My Creative Space…

A bit cold today, foggy, drizzling and all I want to do is have cups of tea.

I thought I’d make a different cuppa today though.

Hope you are inspired today, I loved your winter thoughts and I hope you managed to leave a message here as well, I’ll leave it open until the weekend.

I’m playing around with this world of mine, excuse the mess, I think I have lost my sparkle, hope to get it sorted soon and a warm hug to all my new friends.

Grand inspiration over here.

Off to make another cuppa, would you like one?
May even bake a cake as well.

Enjoy your day