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My Creative Space…

We’ve had some chaotic creativity today that involved rain, car problems, kinder, cakes and cupcakes.

I have a cake order and some cupcakes to finish so I need to hurry up and get it sorted before I head off to an exciting exhibition.
Last night I transformed a thrifted dress into an apron but there is absolutely not a second to spare for photographs and the rain outside isn’t helping at all so all I have is the before pic.


Hope you’re having a day full of creativity.
I promise to visit tomorrow as right now, I am slowly working myself up to a little bit of a panic attack.

isn’t it funny…

…..how we think that little ones around us sometimes don’t understand.
Above is a drawing my 3 1/2 year old drew of our family under a rainbow, dad, mum, Aidan & Amelie.
“I drew mum sad”…

Even though we try to shield them from certain things like the pain of grief, it managed to get through and appear on a day when I thought I was ‘happy mum’.
We try not to shield them from too much because we feel it’s very important to their development, emotionally, socially and physically.

so yes, I may sometimes be ‘sad mum’ but I hope that it’s something we will be able to talk about together and be able to deal with.

what do you think?

So it’s the final day of the fabulous Blogtoberfest and I have definitely enjoyed visiting many new and wonderful people and hope you have found some new ones to love aswell.
Great thanks to the fabulous hostess and ever so lovely Tinniegirl and the wonderful blogtoberfest giveaway festivities hostess the ever so Super and fabulous Superpops.

Talking about giveaways, you still have until midnight tonight to enter my giveaway.

Have a great weekend and thanks for tuning in ♥

Would you like to win some cupcake papers!

I have been extremely lucky with blog giveaways lately and have won an extremely beautiful pack from the gorgeous and lovely Liesa at Handmade Heaven and a very supercute Bugga Bugs giveaway hosted by the very, very talented Alicia at The Red Deer, so a very BIG thank you ladies!
If you haven’t visited them yet, why don’t you pop by for a visit and enjoy their fabulous blogs!

So to give back to the good Karma giveaway fund, I visited a cake decorating store for some inspiration…and I came out with a box full of cupcake papers, that’s about 600 or more.
I think I was in that shop for a good 45 minutes, I am not joking, it’s like a kid in a candy store…or a fabric store for my lovely sew crafty blog friends 🙂
Now all you have to do is leave a comment, nothing much, just a hello or share a joke.

I’ll leave it open till midnight Saturday the 31st of October and also the end of Blogtoberfest and draw a winner from a hat or bowl or bag and announce it on Sunday the 1st of November.

Goodluck, I’ll leave it open to anyone, Australian or international, because everyone needs to be making cupcakes ♥

please make sure you have a link or email address on your comments, thanks!