yay…100 and a special treat for you!

I began this blog in March 2009 and I have finally reached 100 posts! In this short amount of time my life has been completely and forever changed by this whirlwind adventure we all love called blogging.
When I first started this journey I had really no idea what it was going be like, what I’d write about or really if anyone was even going to visit.
Since having my two adventurous creatures I have reignited my passion for baking and photography and I wanted to share my love of it with you as well. My wonderful journey is still going on during the good times and the recent bad times and I have found it quite therapeutic on the mind and soul.I love hearing from you as it makes me happy inside and smiley on the outside because I know that someone out there actually cares about what I have to say and lets me know that, so thank you ♥.I hope you have enjoyed being a part of my journey and I hope you will continue to follow me as I grow as a person and as a blogger.As a thank you for visiting and following my adventures I have a special giveaway.Firstly I have a handmade m.e denim & cupcake apron (2-5 yr old) and gingerbread family cookie cutter set with mini rolling pin.Depending on the number of responses I’ll give away a few more sets of gingerbread family cookie cutters & mini rollingpins.I don’t like rules so I’m not asking you to do anything apart from please leave me a comment with a recipe request or any baking or photography question that you may have.I’ll do a random number pick or something along those lines on Tuesday the 22nd of September.
If you’d like to blog about it or follow my adventures, just let me know with another comment and I will add another chance for you, if not that’s still fine.
Thank you ♥